Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hibbing finally gives Old Dylan his due

"The street where Bob Dylan grew up is being given the name 'Dylan Drive' in his honor.

It's the first time the city of Hibbing, where Dylan also attended high school as Robert Zimmerman, is doing something permanent to honor the elusive singer-songwriter.

'This street sign, and the support we've received from so many people here in town, show once and for all that this town is proud of Bob and what he's accomplished,' said Aaron Brown, committee chairman of Dylan Days, a four-day festival that honors Dylan that begins next Friday.

The city had issued a proclamation on May 24, 2001, Dylan's 60th birthday, but that was just a one-day event, Brown said. The sign will be permanent but is honorary only, meaning that 7th Avenue will remain the official name of the street, and that residents won't have to change their addresses.

The street sign project came up after a group of Hibbing citizens approached the City Council and gathered signatures of support."

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