Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sun's baby twin spotted in 'Pillars of Creation'

"Likened to a stellar womb, the iconic soaring space towers known as the Pillars of Creation have revealed an embryo of an infant star that could develop into a twin of our Sun.

Astronomers imaged the baby star in what they consider the earliest stages of development ever detected for this type of object.

Hiding out on a nodule that juts out from the left pillar, “E42” is known as an evaporating gas globule, also referred to as an EGG. An EGG is a dense pocket of interstellar gas that forms an “egg” from which a star emerges. This particular EGG has the same mass as the sun and appears to be maturing in a violent environment matching the one thought to have produced Earth’s life-giving star."

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