Sunday, November 21, 2010

Save the Words

Here's your chance to adopt your very own word -- before it's gone forever! :-)

A very neat site.

Quoting from Kim Komando's website, that alerted me to this site:

"Today's Cool Site aims to keep our language alive. Appropriately, it is called Save the Words. It features a list of words being retired by the Oxford English Dictionary.
You can click on words to find out what they mean. If you like a word, you can "adopt" it. You're simply committing to use the word often.

Adoption does require a free registration. But you don't need to register to use a word, of course. Feel free to use or adopt as many words as you want.

Hopefully, the words you adopt will become celeberrimous (highly celebrated) and noscible (well-known) again!"

Click on the title bar to go to the website

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