Sunday, February 26, 2012

Handwriting in the 21st Century?

Handwriting in the 21st Century? An Educational Summit

On January 23, 2012, 150 researchers and education thought leaders convened for Handwriting in the 21st Century? An Educational Summit to discuss the role of handwriting instruction in the 21st century classroom. Presenters shared cross-disciplinary handwriting research and attendees voiced their opinions about whether—and how—this skill should be taught. A white paper summarizing the research presented at the Summit, published by Saperstein Associates, Inc., is now available for download.

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  1. Norman,
    I have been increasingly aware that "today's kids" do not seem to be concerned with not only handwriting, but writing in general. I am particularly concerned with the demise of cursive handwriting. Curse the keyboard!
    The fountain pen has, for me, been the awakening call to pay attention to my own hand-writing. While the pen itself does not improve my penmanship, it sure calls attention to my LACK of penmanship.
    This article is right-on.