Saturday, March 19, 2005

Goofing Off In The Computer Age

"In the computer era, one game is ubiquitous, a humble standard on nearly every computer in the halls of international commerce.

The game, of course, is solitaire.

Here in North Carolina, the perennial favorite that was adapted so beautifully for the little screen has become a flash point between taxpayers and state employees. Goofing off on the cubicle computer may be today's version of the coffee break. But now some state lawmakers want the fun and games to stop - at least on company time. Saying taxpayers would be 'outraged' to know how much work time is frittered away by insurance-commission secretaries and DMV employees honing their solitaire and Mine Sweeper skills on the state's 50,000 computers, Catawba County Republican Sen. Austin Allran has sponsored what may be the country's first anti-solitaire legislation."

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