Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Penspotting: What Dreams May Come

I just watched this film again, starring Robin Williams and Annabella
Sciorra. There's a scene, about a quarter of the way into the film, where
Sciorra's character writes in her journal with either a burgundy Hero '329'
or more likely a '330'. It's a bit hard to see the shape of the barrel end,
and the pen is used without its cap being visible, but there's an extensive
close-up of the hooded nib and emblem as she writes -- and as the spirit of
Williams' character writes *through* her, a la automatic writing.

I'd first caught this when the film originally came out in 1998, not too
long after I started importing Hero pens (the '329' was my own introduction
to the brand, and the '330' was the second model that I brought into the
U.S. from China).

Hero '330'

When I saw that the movie was on cable tonight I had to see it again, just
for penspotting purposes and to see if I could narrow down the model.
There's one shot where the end of the barrel is barely visible, but
out-of-focus, which hinted at the more squared-off '330' end.

I've always wondered who chose this pen for the film, and why. :-)

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