Monday, August 01, 2005

Chess player Susan Polgar is queen of her game

"It sounds like something out of a Frankenstein movie.

Laszlo Polgar, who has devoted his professional life to the study of the mind, boldly declares to the world that he can turn any healthy baby into a genius. He will test his theory with his firstborn child, a girl. She will not attend public school - Laszlo believes they are factories for mediocrity. Instead, he will home-school her in his modest apartment in communist Hungary.

He will teach her discipline, critical thinking, logic, math, science, English, literature, history. She will learn to speak seven languages fluently and, in time, will grow up to be a mental heavyweight. An Einstein in a skirt.

The end product of this experiment is sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Palm Beach Gardens. Laszlo's girl, Susan Polgar, now 36, a single mother of two boys, is wearing a delicately cut lavender jacket and smart black slacks. Her candy-apple-red toenails stick out from soft pink sandals. She is beautiful. But it is her brain that stuns all comers.

She is one of the smartest women - no, make that people - on the planet."

A fascinating profile of Susan, and to an extent her younger sister Judit (who has a real shot at becoming overall World Champion).

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