Thursday, September 29, 2005

Big Brains Not Always Better

"Nearly three million years ago, our ancestors had brains about as big as modern chimps. Since then the brain that would become human grew steadily, tripling in size. But this extra cranium capacity may not have resulted in smarter hominids.

As far as tool-making is concerned, there is little evidence of improvement over much of the period that the brain was growing.
'Archaeology has found that brain size grew gradually, but cleverness took steps,' said William Calvin, a neurobiologist from the University of Washington."

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  1. The succession of hominids were busily socially evolving the dialog contexts and symbolic utterance mechanisms needed to share and shape information. This enormous enterprise brought hominids to the point where they could dialog about technology.
    I am writing a book about this topic.
    I will be posting articles fro the book on my blog:
    please feel free to dialog with me about them.
    George Witt, Ph.D.