Friday, July 23, 2010

Pilot Handwriting

Pilot (pen company)
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Pilot Pen has created a free method for you to turn your handwriting into your own computer font. See the video here. The site also has a grid for you to download, to write your handwritten letters and numbers into, which you can then post back to the site by either capturing with a scanner or webcam! Their software then converts your handwritten characters into your own personal font. Pretty neat.  


So, the Pilot 78G fountain pen isn't the only great thing from the company. :-)

 Click on Pilot Handwriting above to go to the website.

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  1. Thanks Norman for posting this wonderful "gadget" for those of us who are designers and fountain pen nuts. :) I can't wait to use it!!
    Hope all is well with you and HisNibs!

  2. My pleasure Jami! Feel free to post some of your new font when you complete it over at my His Facebook page!