Monday, August 02, 2010

Long live the Chevette

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My first car finally made it onto a Time magazine list! Unfortunately, it's the 50 Worst Cars of All Time list.

Actually, we were a Chevette family. My father had a yellow one like that pictured. I had a tan one. My mother had a powder blue one, which I inherited after mine became a Flinstonemobile (the floor underneath the pedals rusted out and went away in short order). Even my then-girlfriend purchased one in turquoise (the relationship didn't last long...and the Chevette might have been a contributing factor).

I'm not sure of this after all of these years, but I believe the car cost $1600.00 new. I do remember that the speedometer topped out at 80 MPH.

"I include the Chevy Chevette only to note that even the most unloved and unlovely cars have their partisans. There are Pacer fan clubs and Yugo fan clubs, and if there is a Chevette fan club, let it begin with me. My girlfriend in college had a diaper-brown Chevette three-door hatchback, as bare bones as an exhibit at the natural history museum. It had a 51-hp engine and a four-speed manual transmission and not much else. It was loud and it was tinny, but we drove that car across the country three times and it never failed us. Once I got a 85-mph speeding ticket in it. That was on the down slope of the Appalachians, but still. The last time I saw that Chevette it was still plugging along. Vaya con Dios, old paint."

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