Sunday, April 16, 2006

Man Using Paper Clip to Barter for House

"Kyle MacDonald had a red paper clip and a dream: Could he use the community power of the Internet to barter that paper clip for something better, and trade that thing for something else - and so on and so on until he had a house?

After a cross-continental trading trek involving a fish-shaped pen, a town named Yahk and the Web's astonishing ability to bestow celebrity, MacDonald is getting close. He's up to one year's free rent on a house in Phoenix.

Not a bad return on an investment of one red paper clip. Yet MacDonald, 26, vows to keep going until he crosses the threshold of his very own home, wherever that might be.

'It's totally overwhelming, I'm not going to lie,' he said by phone from Montreal, where he and his girlfriend, Dominique Dupuis, live with two roommates. 'But I'm still trading for that house. It's this obsessive thing.'"

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