Friday, April 21, 2006

Retiree flushes fortune down the toilet

"A German pensioner flushed bundles of old banknotes worth a small fortune down the toilet because he thought they were now worthless, police in the northern city of Kiel said Thursday.

'He flushed the cash down the loo because he didn't think it was worth anything,' said police spokesman Uwe Voigt.

Police said he dumped some 60,000 deutschemarks -- which the euro replaced in 2002 -- into the bowl, unaware they could still be exchanged for about 30,000 euros ($37,000).

Sewage workers recovered about half the sodden currency from the 64-year-old's plumbing. The remaining notes created a bottleneck in local sewers, where most were fished out.

'There may have been more cash that got away,' said Voigt.

Police said the man lived in 'spartan' circumstances and had dried out the notes and taken them to a bank. It was unclear if he had laundered the money first."

The last sentence was worth reading the whole thing. :)

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