Saturday, July 01, 2006

Camera on Space Telescope Is Repaired

"A balky camera on the Hubble Space Telescope has been restarted and will begin taking pictures again tomorrow evening, NASA officials said yesterday.

The Advanced Camera for Surveys, which consists of three electronic cameras that can detect light from ultraviolet to near infrared wavelengths, malfunctioned June 19.
Engineers quickly suspected a problem with the power supply, but spent a week and a half investigating to be certain. Other instruments on the telescope continued operating.

On Thursday, engineers decided to switch the camera to a backup electronics system. That switch was performed Thursday evening, and the camera was turned back on yesterday morning. Tests showed that it was operating properly. 'Everything worked out great,' said Susan Hendrix, a NASA spokeswoman.

The advanced camera, one of the telescope's main instruments, was installed by astronauts during a 2002 space shuttle mission. It offers sharper images and a wider angle of view than earlier instruments."

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