Thursday, January 19, 2006

Russia in grip of new cold war

"The schools are shut, traffic has ebbed and life has taken a more cautious pace over the sheet ice. There is little you can do but shuffle on, tape up your windows and buy a thicker hat. Temperatures in Moscow yesterday plunged to -28C. Three people froze to death and 14 were taken seriously ill. But, as ever, it will get worse for this city of 12 million.

Weather forecasters predict that tonight and tomorrow temperatures will plunge to as low as -37C, the coldest in the capital since 1979. Moscow's record low is -42.1, set 66 years ago. One Russian news website ran the headline 'The Day After Tomorrow - in Moscow', referring to the Hollywood film about global warming in which the United States is enveloped overnight in a new ice age."

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