Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tahlequah Daily Press--'Snail mail' a vanishing art form

"BTW, LOL, ROFL, IMISU2 aren�t acronyms for civil libertarian groups, nor are they examples of car tag numbers.

They're typical of the language people use in the digital information age.

For those who aren't savvy in digital-speak, they mean "by the way," "laughing out loud," "rolling on the floor laughing" and "I miss you, too."

The art of composing a thoughtful missive to send via the postal service has been all but lost in this age of instant messaging, coast-to-coast walkie-talkie phones and e-mail.

This is Universal Letter Writing Week, which Dr. Stanley J. Drake, founder of the International Society of Friendship and Goodwill, is credited for instituting as a way of reconnecting and rediscovering the joy of penning missives to loved ones."

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